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Tips to Save Time Before Interviewing

Time is very valuable. 

We need time to make money, time to spend money, time with loved ones, time to learn new things, time to grow, time to die. 

With so much demand on time, why would any physician spend time interviewing with a physician job practice opportunity unless they had already gone through a comprehensive process of elimination of the opportunities that "just don't fit?"

Consider the following tips before you commit to interview:

  • Decide what is important to you and your family
  • Apply to job postings that fit at least two of five requirements
  • If the ad is posted by an Agency Recruiter, ask blunt questions.  There is a buffer between you and the employer
  • Further define the positions you are interested in and eliminate the losers
  • Once you have chosen several potential job fits, be open to arrange telephone interviews
  • After the phone interviews, cull your options to three or four
  • Request to interview the next round via a video conference 
  • After the video interviews, pare your options down to two or three
  • Get a "skeleton" employment agreement emailed before committing to the site visit
  • If their are "deal killers" in the agreement language, and they are non-negotiable, do not interview in-person
  • If you have gotten this far, insist your significant other, or other important family members accompany you

 At the point that you actually spend time traveling to the interview, the process should be more about making sure your personality clicks with the other physician's and the hospital and practice employee's personalities.  It should be a time to examine the facilities and the community close up, and to picture your family and yourself living in the community.

By going through the above steps, you will likely not spend time interviewing for positions that won't fit, you will have more time to spend with family, and, once you do get to the actual interview, you will feel more prepared to accept an offer. 

Realize, if you have multiple interviews lined up, and cannot accept an offer until you interview with all, in person, you are signaling the hiring authorities to continue to interview other candidates, which may result in losing a job that you really want while waiting for the next interview to take place.