Forbusiness Group

2001 was the starting point for Forbusiness Group journey to implement several methods that satisfy its clients in Recruitment where it provides all the cadres who`s Gulf market needs in professional and carefull manners. 

To satisfy all clients’ needs, we interrelated and integrated services such as Consultancy, Training, Outsourcing and Technology  not only operating in Egypt but also in the MENA region Serving Corporate Business at a broad domain levels: 

  • Corporate Consulting.
  • Auditing and Compliance's.
  • Information Technology.
  • Professional Training and Personal Development.
  • HSE and Industry/Manufacturing Technical Training.
  • Empowerment and Educational Programs.

And many related product lines.

Forbusiness Group adopt efficient and effective standards in terms of technical knowledge, expertise and evidence based research methodology by which we manage Clients’ expectations and requirements.