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Finding a candidate is easy! Doctor Jobs is the go-to destination for thousands of candidates who are looking for jobs. By posting your Job Ad with us, you can be sure to find the right candidate!

Doctor Jobs believes that job portals play a significant part in finding the right candidate for employers in today’s world. The online job search portals are one of the cheapest sources of communication for job seekers and applicants.  Doctor Jobs allow both recruiter and candidate to create their own accounts. In addition, they get alerts from the job portal whenever a candidate applies to their job ad. Employers who are looking for the right candidate for their company can find it with us! You can filter with the help of our simple system and select those CVs that meet the job profile criteria. You just need to enter the candidates you are looking for and get a lot of resumes that match your needs in a snap!

Follow these easy steps and start hiring the best talent in town!

  1. Log in to your employer account then click Find Candidates on your navigation menu.
  2.  Search a candidate by their profession and specialties. On the sidebar menu, there is an option to narrow your filters to find a candidate that fits you.
  3. Shortlist their profile and download it.
  4. To download their profile you need to purchase  CV Packages.
  5. To view your remaining packages, go to Dashboard>Packages

Find Candidate

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