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Posting a New Job

According to an infographic from The Undercover Recruiter, 2/3 of job seekers use job boards to find positions. Times may be changing but job boards are undoubtedly valuable in recruiting the best talents you are looking for. Doctor Jobs helps you find candidates with the right skills, education, and experience. Follow these three easy steps on how to post a new job:

Step 1- Add Job Details

To post a new job, you have to create an employer account and fill all required fields and descriptions. Follow these easy steps and fill in your details:

Firstly, Fill in the details. Write the Job Title, its complete Job description, your Email Address, and Username. Secondly, Select Job Type. Is this for Permanent/Full-time or Part-Time/Locum Tenens position? Thirdly, what are the Profession and Specialty are you looking for? Physician, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Midwife, or CRNA? What is the specific specialty? Cardiology-MD, Cardiology-PA, Cardiology-NP, Anesthesiology-CRNA, or Obstetrics & Gynecology – CNM? Next is the Location. Where in America is your facility located? Let them know your location. Lastly, the Latitude and Longitude field will help both you and the candidate’s location on Map. 

Clicking the Next button will make you proceed to the next step.

Job Detail

Step 2 – Select Packages & Payments

We value your money that is why Doctor Jobs offers the most affordable packages for employers.

  1. Select Job Package: Choose between Single Job Posting or Standard Job Posting. 
  2. Make this Job Featured: Select the option if you want your job to appear featured on our site. 
  3.  Click Continue to pay

Select the package and payment gateway and you be directed to the payment page according to what you have selected.

Package and Payments

Step 3 – Confirmation

After clicking Continue to Pay you will be directed to the checkout page.

  1. Fill up the billing information.
  2. Choose Payment gateway as you desire by default theme that we have (Paypal or Direct Bank Transfer)

The notification “Created Successfully” will appear shortly after Doctor Job’s admin has reviewed and approved the job.


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