Our Services

Doctor Jobs finds jobs for doctors, and doctors for jobs.  That's our job!

We provide tailor-made services to help make this happen.  We will advertise and digitally market jobs posted by direct employers, or agency recruiters.

If you are an independent recruiter working with a physician to find locum tenens opportunities and you identify one of our locums tenens assignments that would fit your physician's requirements, we will provide the malpractice insurance, and the contracting services including payroll. You work with the physician you are representing to follow up and schedule, and we will compensate you monthly.  This can add up quickly!

Maybe you are a physician and you see a locum tenen's assignment posted by a direct employer.  Maybe you'd love to work that job, but you do not have your own insurance policy.  No problem.  You do your own scheduling and your own travel accommodations, and we will provide the contracting services for a very reasonable fee.  

Are you a direct employer willing to do some of the leg work to recruit your own locum tenens physicians, but do not want to pay full-service fees?  No problem.  Pay to post your jobs!  If you find the locums physicians through our advertising or though your own advertising but still need the malpractice coverage or the contracting services, we will provide one or both for a reduced service fee.

Are you a physician or an employer with little time, and a preference for all the details to be taken care of?  No problem!  We can do it for you.  We will advertise, find the physicians or the job openings, do the contracting work and cover the malpractice.  All for a fee to the hiring entity, of course!  

If you prefer the do-it-yourself approach, but still need a little assistance, we can also help provide other services, such as assisting physicians to get licensed, and also by following up on credentialing.  We offer many services, and can design the best package of services to suit your needs, without paying for services you do not need.

Our goal is simply to find as many jobs for doctors, and as many doctors for jobs as we can, and help both doctors and hiring entities work together through a service that is tailored to their individual needs. 

 We have with many year's experience in all facets of physician recruiting. We are here to help by offering a menu of services designed to provide the best options for each individual physician, hiring client, and independent physician recruiter.

If you would like more information about how our services work, please contact us and we will reach back out to you with the specific information you are looking for.